About the “Author”

Hello All! My name is Emily Farrell and I am a music education major, concentration in percussion, minor in voice, at Grove City College. That’s right, I know Dr. Joseph Pisano. That little incidental nugget aside, I have a passion for music that can only be matched by my passion for wanting others to love it as much as I do. I am in my junior year of college, and therefore only a few short years away for pursuing a career in music education. It’s exciting, and a little terrifying, to think of how close that is. So in this blog I hope to share my excitement with you, along with things that I am learning from the esteemed faculty at the fabulous institution at which I currently attend. Please know that everything I share with you is only my opinion. If you disagree or if I say something that flat out isn’t true, tell me! I love to talk and more importantly I jump at the chance to defend what I think. So enjoy this blog and hopefully even learn something! I know I will!


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